Dmitrii V. Bisikalo

Dmitrii V. Bisikalo
Institute of Astronomy, Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: ul. Pyatnitskaya 48, Moscow, 119017, Russian Federation
Fax: 7 (495) 230-20-81

Accepted articles

  1. D.V. Bisikalo, A.G. Zhilkin, E.P. Kurbatov “Possible electromagnetic manifestations of merging black holes”, accepted


  1. E.P. Kurbatov, A.G. Zhilkin, D.V. Bisikalo “Modified magnetohydrodynamics model including wave turbulence: astrophysical applications60 798–817 (2017)
  2. N.S. Kardashev, I.D. Novikov, V.N. Lukash et alReview of scientific topics for Millimetron space observatory57 1199–1228 (2014)
  3. E.P. Kurbatov, D.V. Bisikalo, P.V. Kaygorodov “On the possible turbulence mechanism in accretion disks in nonmagnetic binary stars57 787–798 (2014)
  4. A.G. Zhilkin, D.V. Bisikalo, A.A. Boyarchuk “Flow structure in magnetic close binary stars55 115–136 (2012)
  5. A.M. Fridman, D.V. Bisikalo “The nature of accretion disks of close binary stars: overreflection instability and developed turbulence51 551–576 (2008)

See also: A.G. Zhilkin, E.P. Kurbatov, I.D. Novikov, A.M. Fridman, P.V. Kaygorodov, D.Z. Wiebe, A.A. Boyarchuk, Ya.B. Zel’dovich, A.M. Cherepashchuk, A.M. Sobolev, A.V. Smirnov, Yu.A. Shchekinov, S.V. Pilipenko, E.V. Mikheeva, N.S. Kardashev

PACS: 47.27.-i, 97.10.Gz, 97.80.-d, 98.80.-k, 98.62.-g, 47.20.-k, 95.30.Lz, 52.30.-q, 97.10.-q, 95.55.-n, 52.65.Kj, 52.35.Ra, 52.35.Bj, 95.30.Qd, 94.05.Lk,

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