A.N. Pavlov

A.N. Pavlov
International Research Institute of Nonlinear Dynamics, Department of Physics, N.G. Chernyshevskii; Saratov State University
Address: ul. Astrakhanskaya 83, Saratov, 410012, Russian Federation


  1. A.N. Pavlov, A.E. Hramov, A.A. Koronovskii et alWavelet analysis in neurodynamics55 845–875 (2012)
  2. A.N. Pavlov, V.S. Anishchenko “Multifractal analysis of complex signals50 819–834 (2007)

See also: A.E. Hramov, V.S. Anishchenko, A.A. Koronovskii, E.Yu. Sitnikova, V.A. Makarov, A.A. Ovchinnikov

PACS: 05.45.Tp, 05.45.Xt, 07.05.Mh, 87.19.L-, 95.75.Wx, 05.45.-a, 05.45.Pq

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