L.D. Tsendin

St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University
Address: Politekhnicheskaya str. 29, St. Petersburg, 195251, Russian Federation
Fax: +7 (812) 552 60 80


  1. L.D. Tsendin “Nonlocal electron kinetics in gas-discharge plasma53 133–157 (2010)
  2. A.P. Dmitriev, V.A. Rozhanskii, L.D. Tsendin “Diffusion shocks in an inhomogeneous current-carrying collisional plasma28 467–483 (1985)
  3. A.P. Zhilinskii, L.D. Tsendin “Collisional diffusion of a partially-ionized plasma in a magnetic field23 331–355 (1980)

See also: A.P. Dmitriev, V.A. Rozhanskii, A.A. Rukhadze, A.P. Zhilinskii, A.V. Gurevich, I.T. Yakubov

PACS: 52.25.Fi, 52.25.Dg, 52.80.-s, 82.33.Xj, 52.27.Cm, 72.30.+q

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