P.A. Bazhulin


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  1. P.A. Bazhulin “The study of rotation and vibration-rotation spectra of gases by the method of combination (Raman) scattering of light5 661–666 (1963)
  2. P.A. Bazhulin, M.M. Sushchinskii “Methods of measuring line intensity in raman spectra2 436–443 (1959)

See also: Ya.S. Bobovich, M.M. Sushchinskii, E.V. Shpol’skii

PACS: 51.70.+f, 33.20.Sn, 33.20.Vq, 33.20.Fb, 33.15.Mt, 07.57.Ty, 06.20.Dk, 78.30.-j

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