Cover Contents

Reviews of topical problems

G.N. Makarov “Towards molecular laser separation of uranium isotopes65 531–566 (2022)

I.V. Antonova “Straintronics of 2D inorganic materials for electronic and optical applications65 567–596 (2022)

A.I. Savvatimskiy, S.V. Onufriev, N.M. Aristova “Physical properties of refractory carbides of metals of groups IV and V of the Mendeleev periodic table during rapid heating by an electric current pulse65 597–616 (2022)

Instruments and methods of investigation

I.Yu. Eremchev, D.V. Prokopova, N.N. Losevskii, I.T. Mynzhasarov, S.P. Kotova, A.V. Naumov “Three-dimensional fluorescence nanoscopy of single quantum emitters based on the optics of spiral light beams65 617–626 (2022)

Methodological notes

M.V. Lebedev, O.V. Misochko “On the question of a classical analog of the Fano problem65 627–640 (2022)

V.M. Grishin “Vavilov—Cherenkov radiation and radiation energy loss65 641–647 (2022)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)65 648–649 (2022)

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