Reviews of topical problems

D.S. Sanditov, M.I. Ojovan “Relaxation aspects of the liquid—glass transition62 (2) (2019)

O.G. Glotov “Ignition and combustion of titanium particles. Experimental methods and results62 (2) (2019)

Physics of our days

D.Yu. Akimov, V.A. Belov, A.I. Bolozdynya, Yu.V. Efremenko, A.M. Konovalov, A.V. Kumpan, D.G. Rudik, V.V. Sosnovtsev, A.V. Khromov, A.V. Shakirov “Coherent elastic neutrino-atomic nucleus scattering — recently discovered type of low-energy neutrino interaction62 (2) (2019)

Instruments and methods of investigation

N.V. Marchenkov, A.G. Kulikov, I.I. Atknin, A.A. Petrenko, A.E. Blagov, M.V. Kovalchuk “Time-resolved X-ray reciprocal space mapping of the crystal under external electric field62 (2) (2019)

Methodological notes

G.V. Shpatakovskaya “Semiclassical method of analysis and estimation of the orbital binding energies in many-electron atoms and ions62 (2) (2019)

Conferences and symposia

60th anniversary of the Vereshchagin Institute for High Pressure Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Scientific session of the Physical Sciences Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 25 April 2018)62 (2) (2019)

E.A. Ekimov, M.V. Kondrin “Nontraditional synthesis of nano- and microcrystal diamonds under high static pressures62 (2) (2019)

V.P. Filonenko, I.P. Zibrov, A.S. Anokhin, E.V. Kukueva “Diamond-based superhard composites: new synthesis approaches and application prospects62 (2) (2019)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)62 (2) (2019)

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