Methodological notes

On the penetration of a plasmoid through glass

 a,  b
a Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics, ul. Aviamotornaya 8a, Moscow, 111024, Russian Federation
b Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Physics, Leninskie Gory 1 build. 2, Moscow, 119991, Russian Federation

It is shown experimentally that an artificial ball-lightning-similar plasmoid can penetrate through glass leaving a round smooth-edged hole in it.

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Fulltext is also available at DOI: 10.3367/UFNe.0185.201512d.1333
Keywords: plasmoids, pulsed discharge, ball lightning, exploding wires
PACS: 52.80.Mg, 52.80.Qj (all)
DOI: 10.3367/UFNe.0185.201512d.1333
Citation: Miskinova N A, Shvilkin B N "On the penetration of a plasmoid through glass" Phys. Usp. 58 1215–1217 (2015)
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Received: 14th, July 2015, revised: 6th, September 2015, 8th, September 2015

Оригинал: Мискинова Н А, Швилкин Б Н «О прохождении плазмоида через стекло» УФН 185 1333–1335 (2015); DOI: 10.3367/UFNr.0185.201512d.1333

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