Natalia Arkad’evna Miskinova

Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatic Science
Address: ul. Aviamotornaya 8a, Moscow, 111024, Russian Federation


  1. N.A. Miskinova, B.N. Shvilkin “On the penetration of a plasmoid through glass58 1215–1217 (2015)
  2. P.S. Landa, N.A. Miskinova, Yu.V. Ponomarev “lonization waves in low-temperature plasmas23 813–834 (1980)

See also: P.S. Landa, Yu.V. Ponomarev, B.N. Shvilkin, B.B. Kadomtsev

PACS: 52.80.Mg, 52.80.Qj, 52.35.Py, 52.35.Bj, 52.35.Mw

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