Reviews of topical problems

V.S. Egorov “Diamagnetic (Condon) domains53 755–787 (2010)

A.V. Dmitriev, I.P. Zvyagin “Current trends in the physics of thermoelectric materials53 789–803 (2010)

Instruments and methods of investigation

A.B. Aleksandrov, A.V. Bagulya, M.S. Vladimirov, L.A. Goncharova, A.I. Ivliev, G.V. Kalinina, L.L. Kashkarov, N.S. Konovalova, N.M. Okat’eva, N.G. Polukhina, A.S. Rusetskii, N.I. Starkov “Charge spectrum of galactic cosmic ray nuclei as measured in meteorite olivines53 805–808 (2010)

A.M. Fridman, L.S. Alperovich, L. Shemer, L. Pustil’nik, D. Shtivelman, A.G. Marchuk, D. Liberzon “Tsunami wave suppression using submarine barriers53 809–816 (2010)

Methodological notes

D.V. Karlovets “On dual representation in classical electrodynamics53 817–824 (2010)

From the history of physics

F. Dyson “Birds and frogs in mathematics and physics53 825–834 (2010)

L.B. Okun “V A Fock and gauge symmetry53 835–837 (2010)

V.A. Fock “On the invariant form of the wave and motion equations for a charged point mass53 839–841 (2010)

Conferences and symposia

90th anniversary of the birth of A S Borovik-Romanov (Scientific session of the Physical Sciences Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 24 March 2010)53 843–858 (2010)

A.F. Andreev “Opening address53 843–844 (2010)

A.I. Smirnov, L.E. Svistov, L.A. Prozorova, O.A. Petrenko, M. Hagiwara “Triangular lattice antiferromagnet RbFe(MoO4)253 844–848 (2010)

Yu.M. Bunkov “Spin superfluidity and magnons Bose — Einstein condensation53 848–853 (2010)

O. Dzyapko, V.E. Demidov, S.O. Demokritov “Kinetics and Bose — Einstein condensation of parametrically driven magnons at room temperature53 853–858 (2010)


Yu.Yu. Balega, A.A. Boyarchuk, D.A. Varshalovich, G.A. Zherebtsov, L.M. Zelenyi, N.S. Kardashev, B.V. Komberg, I.D. Novikov, Yu.N. Pariiskii, A.V. Stepanov, R.A. Sunyaev, B.M. Shustov “Anatolii Mikhailovich Cherepashchuk (on his 70th birthday)53 859–860 (2010)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)53 861–862 (2010)

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