Reviews of topical problems

V.V. Anisovich “The lightest scalar glueball41 419–439 (1998)

I.M. Suslov “Development of a (4-ε)-dimensional theory for the density of states of a disordered system near the Anderson transition41 441–467 (1998)

N.B. Delone, V.P. Krainov “Tunneling and barrier-suppression ionization of atoms and ions in a laser radiation field41 469–485 (1998)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)41 486–486 (1998)

From the history of physics

B.M. Bolotovskii, Yu.N. Vavilov, A.N. Kirkin “Sergei Ivanovich Vavilov — the man and the scientist: a view from the threshold of the 21st century41 487–504 (1998)

Methodological notes

I.E. Mazets “Kinetic equation including wave function collapses41 505–507 (1998)

B.N. Shvilkin “On measuring the Debye radius in an unstable gas discharge plasma41 509–510 (1998)

Conferences and symposia

P.K. Kashkarov, B.V. Kamenev, E.A. Konstantinova, A.I. Efimova, A.V. Pavlikov, V.Yu. Timoshenko “Dynamics of nonequilibrium charge carriers in silicon quantum wires41 511–515 (1998)

S.A. Pulinets, V.V. Khegai, K.A. Boyarchuk, A.M. Lomonosov “The atmospheric electric field as a source of variability in the ionosphere41 515–522 (1998)


V.S. Letokhov “Principles of nonlinear optical spectroscopy41 523–523 (1998)

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