Issue 1, 1989, volume 32

Reviews of topical problems

V.I. Gol’danskii, V.V. Kuz’min “Spontaneous breaking of mirror symmetry in nature and the origin of life32 1–29 (1989)

A.A. Puretskii, V.V. Tyakht “Inverse electronic relaxation in the case of multiphoton excitation of molecules by infrared laser radiation32 30–50 (1989)

Yu.V. Gulyaev, V.P. Plesskii “Propagation of acoustic surface waves in periodic structures32 51–74 (1989)

A.N. Aliev, D.V. Gal’tsov “’Magnetized’ black holes32 75–92 (1989)

From the current literature

N.S. Maslova, V.I. Panov “Scanning tunneling microscopy of atomic structure, electronic properties, and surface chemical reactions32 93–99 (1989)

Issue 2, 1989, volume 32

Reviews of topical problems

B.S. Kerner, V.V. Osipov “Autosolitons32 101–138 (1989)

I.Ya. Korenblit, E.F. Shender “Spin glasses and nonergodicity32 139–162 (1989)

V.A. Shklovskii, V.M. Kuz’menko “Explosive crystallization of amorphous substances32 163–180 (1989)

Physics of our days

B.M. Smirnov “Properties of a fractal aggregate32 181–182 (1989)

Meetings and conferences

A.V. Kessenikh, R.Z. Sagdeev, G.V. Skrotskii “International School on Magnetic Resonance32 183–185 (1989)

G.P. Gladyshev, B.M. Smirnov “First international symposium on ball lightning32 186–186 (1989)

Book reviews

V.S. Dotsenko “Spin glasses, optimization, and biological applications32 187–187 (1989)

N.N. Kristofel’ “Unitary transformations in solid state theory32 187–188 (1989)

Issue 3, 1989, volume 32

Reviews of topical problems

A.I. Golutvin, M.V. Danilov, Yu.M. Zaitsev “B-Meson oscillations32 189–199 (1989)

D.F. Alferov, Yu.A. Bashmakov, P.A. Cherenkov “Radiation from relativistic electrons in a magnetic undulator32 200–227 (1989)

E.A. Solov’ev “Nonadiabatic transitions in atomic collisions32 228–250 (1989)

B.G. Krakov, E.S. Parilis “Quasimolecules32 251–270 (1989)

New instruments and measurement methods

V.A. Arkad’ev, A.I. Kolomiitsev, M.A. Kumakhov, I.Yu. Ponomarev, I.A. Khodeev, Yu.P. Chertov, I.M. Shakhparonov “Wide-band x-ray optics with a large angular aperture32 271–276 (1989)

Meetings and conferences

L.N. Bulaevskii, V.L. Ginzburg, A.A. Sobyanin, A.A. Stratonnikov “Macroscopic theory of defect-free and defective superconductors with a small coherence length32 277–279 (1989)

P.S. Kop’ev, I.N. Ural’tsev “The energy spectrum of Coulomb states in a quantum well32 280–281 (1989)

A.M. Shalagin “Light-induced drift and its manifestations, particularly in astrophysics32 281–282 (1989)

I.D. Novikov “Physical properties of a time machine32 282–283 (1989)

Book reviews

S.A. Akhmanov “Tunable lasers: a new stage32 284–285 (1989)

I. Barvik, V.N. Zadkov “Theoretical physics on the personal computer32 285–287 (1989)

Issue 4, 1989, volume 32

Reviews of topical problems

M.A. Shifman “Anomalies and low-energy theorems of quantum chromodynamics32 289–309 (1989)

Yu.N. Efremov, V.I. Korchagin, L.S. Marochnik, A.A. Suchkov “The modern view of the nature of the spiral structure of galaxies32 310–327 (1989)

O.M. Braun, V.K. Medvedev “Interaction between particles adsorbed on metal surfaces32 328–348 (1989)

From the current literature

G.A. Askar’yan, A.V. Yurkin “New developments in optoacoustics32 349–356 (1989)

N.I. Zheludev “Polarization instability and multistability in nonlinear optics32 357–375 (1989)

Meetings and conferences

V.V. Migulin “Hundredth anniversary of the work of H. Hertz on the experimental proof of the existence of the electromagnetic waves32 376–376 (1989)

G.I. Makarov, V.V. Novikov, A.B. Orlov “On the propagation of kilometer and longer radiowaves32 376–378 (1989)

V.I. Baibakov, V.N. Datsko, Yu.V. Kistovich “Experimental discovery of Zenneck’s surface electromagnetic waves32 378–379 (1989)

A.D. Erlykin, E.A. Mamidzhanyan, V.A. Tsarev “Autumn school ’Interaction of hadrons at above-accelerator energies’32 380–383 (1989)

Issue 5, 1989, volume 32

Reviews of topical problems

V.L. Ginzburg, V.A. Dogel’ “Some aspects of gamma-ray astronomy32 385–415 (1989)

Yu.L. Klimontovich “Problems in the statistical theory of open systems: Criteria for the relative degree of order in self-organization processes32 416–433 (1989)

Yu.A. Kravtsov “Randomness, determinateness, and predictability32 434–449 (1989)

V.I. Tatarskii “Criteria for the degree of chaos32 450–451 (1989)

Physics of our days

V.B. Shikin “Wigner crystallization on the surface of liquid helium32 452–455 (1989)

Methodological notes

I.M. Frank “On the moments of a magnetic dipole moving in a medium32 456–458 (1989)

From the current literature

V.L. Dadykin, G.T. Zatsepin, O.G. Ryazhskaya “Events detected by underground detectors on February 23, 198732 459–468 (1989)

I.I. Mazin “Electronic structure of high-temperature superconductors in the normal state32 469–472 (1989)

Book reviews

A.N. Matveev, S.M. Zhebrovskii “Books on physics and astronomy to be published by ’Mir’ in 199032 473–478 (1989)

Issue 6, 1989, volume 32

Reviews of topical problems

E.M. Levin, M.G. Ryskin “The increase in the total cross sections for hadronic interactions with increasing energy32 479–499 (1989)

N.B. Delone, M.V. Fedorov “New effects in the multiphoton ionization of atoms32 500–520 (1989)

V.M. Arutyunyan “Physical properties of the semiconductor-electrolyte interface32 521–542 (1989)

Physics of our days

L.B. Okun’ “Tests of electric charge conservation and the Pauli principle32 543–547 (1989)

New instruments and measurement methods

A.N. Skrinskii, Yu.M. Shatunov “Precision measurements of masses of elementary particles using storage rings with polarized beams32 548–554 (1989)

Methodological notes

D.N. Klyshko “The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox for energy-time variables32 555–563 (1989)

Meetings and conferences

G.M. Éliashberg “Current carriers and magnetism in high-temperature superconductors32 564–566 (1989)


V.G. Bar’yakhtar, L.P. Gor’kov, I.E. Dzyaloshinskii, M.A. Ivanov, Yu.M. Kagan, L.V. Keldysh, L.P. Pitaevskii, E.I. Rashba, A.A. Smirnov, I.M. Khalatnikov “Mikhail Aleksandrovich Krivoglaz (obituary)32 567–568 (1989)

Issue 7, 1989, volume 32

Reviews of topical problems

M.Yu. Kuchiev, S.A. Sheinerman “Post-collision interaction in atomic processes32 569–587 (1989)

V.N. Ageev, O.P. Burmistrova, Yu.A. Kuznetsov “Desorption stimulated by electronic excitations32 588–604 (1989)

O.M. Braun, A.I. Volokitin, V.P. Zhdanov “Vibrational spectroscopy of adsorbates32 605–621 (1989)

Physics of our days

K.N. Drabovich “Trapped atomic particles in action32 622–628 (1989)

Methodological notes

L.B. Okun’ “The concept of mass (mass, energy, relativity)32 629–638 (1989)

Conferences and symposia

O.I. Bugaenko, S.M. Kudryavtsev, V.V. Nesterov, S.B. Novikov, Yu.A. Shokin “High precision position observations of Phobos on Maidanak mountain in 198832 639–640 (1989)


N.E. Alekseevskii, A.F. Andreev, A.S. Borovik-Romanov, N.V. Zavaritskii, I.P. Krylov, I.L. Landau, Yu.A. Osip’yan, L.P. Pitaevskii, M.S. Khaikin “Yurii Vasil’evich Sharvin (on his seventieth birthday)32 641–642 (1989)

M.B. Voloshin, V.N. Gribov, A.D. Dolgov, B.L. Ioffe, I.Yu. Kobzarev, V.I. Kogan, A.B. Migdal, V.A. Novikov, B. Pontecorvo, A.P. Rudik, K.A. Ter-Martirosyan “Lev Borisovich Okun’ (on his sixtieth birthday)32 643–644 (1989)

Book reviews

A.Yu. Morozov “Current work in string theory32 645–646 (1989)

B.M. Smirnov “Computer simulation studies in condensed matter physics32 647–647 (1989)

Issue 8, 1989, volume 32

Reviews of topical problems

A.S. Andreenko, K.P. Belov, S.A. Nikitin, A.M. Tishin “Magnetocaloric effects in rare-earth magnetic materials32 649–664 (1989)

O.A. Golikova “Quasiamorphous semiconductors32 665–677 (1989)

A.V. Guglielmi “Hydromagnetic diagnostics and geoelectric sounding32 678–696 (1989)

New instruments and measurement methods

V.A. Belyakov, V.E. Dmitrienko “Polarization phenomena in x-ray optics32 697–719 (1989)

Methodological notes

S.V. Vonsovskii, M.I. Katsnel’son “Single-electron density matrix and the metal-insulator criterion for crystalline solids32 720–722 (1989)

P.S. Landa, Ya.B. Duboshinskii “Self-oscillatory systems with high-frequency energy sources32 723–731 (1989)


A.A. Abrikosov, A.F. Andreev, A.S. Borovik-Romanov, Yu.A. Bychkov, G.E. Volovik, V.L. Ginzburg, V.N. Gribov, I.E. Dzyaloshinskii, B.I. Ivlev, S.V. Iordanskii, N.B. Kopnin, V.P. Mineev, L.P. Pitaevskii, V.L. Pokrovskii, I.M. Khalatnikov, I.F. Shchegolev, G.M. Éliashberg “Lev Petrovich Gor’kov (On his sixtieth birthday)32 732–733 (1989)

Book reviews

Ya.A. Smorodinskii “Three paths to truth and two ways of describing them32 734–735 (1989)

B.M. Smirnov “Similarity laws in disordered condensed systems32 736–736 (1989)

S.E. Esipov “Mechanisms of electrical conduction in solids32 737–737 (1989)

Issue 9, 1989, volume 32

Reviews of topical problems

B.O. Kerbikov, L.A. Kondratyuk, M.G. Sapozhnikov “Hadron physics in low-energy antiproton beams32 739–762 (1989)

A.V. Eletskii, B.M. Smirnov “Properties of cluster ions32 763–782 (1989)

Yu.A. Stepanyants, A.L. Fabrikant “Propagation of waves in hydrodynamic shear flows32 783–805 (1989)

New instruments and measurement methods

E.G. Bessonov, A.V. Vinogradov “Undulator and laser sources of soft x rays32 806–812 (1989)

Methodological notes

B.M. Bolotovskii, S.N. Stolyarov “Reflection of light from a moving mirror and related problems32 813–827 (1989)

Meetings and conferences

I.Kh. Lemberg, V.S. Ol’khovskii “Second All-Union Seminar on ’The lifetimes of the excited states of nuclei’32 828–830 (1989)

Book reviews

V.B. Shikin “The fractional quantum Hall effect32 831–832 (1989)

S.V. Meshkov “Simulation by the Monte Carlo method in statistical physics32 833–833 (1989)

B.G. Idlis “Physics and technology of submicron structures32 834–834 (1989)

Issue 10, 1989, volume 32

Reviews of topical problems

V.V. Zheleznyakov, V.V. Kocharovskii, V.V. Kocharovskii “Polarization waves and super-radiance in active media32 835–870 (1989)

R.S. Gekht “Magnetic states and phase transitions in frustrated triangular-lattice antiferromagnets32 871–890 (1989)

A.B. Roitsin, V.M. Maevskii “Electron paramagnetic resonance of solid surfaces32 891–910 (1989)

Methodological notes

V.N. Tsytovich “Description of collective processes and fluctuations in classical and quantum plasmas32 911–932 (1989)

Meetings and conferences

Yu.A. Anan’ev “The problem of the divergence of laser radiation32 933–934 (1989)

S.B. Novikov, A.A. Ovchinnikov “The development and achievement of methods of optical observations with high angular resolution at the observatory on Mt. Maidanak32 935–936 (1989)


A.A. Abrikosov, A.F. Andreev, S.I. Anisimov, V.A. Belinskii, A.S. Borovik-Romanov, L.P. Gor’kov, V.N. Gribov, I.E. Dzyaloshinskii, V.E. Zakharov, A.I. Larkin, A.B. Migdal, L.P. Pitaevskii, A.M. Polyakov “Isaak Markovich Khalatnikov (on his seventieth birthday)32 937–938 (1989)

A.V. Gaponov-Grekhov, V.L. Ginzburg, A.S. Gurvich, B.B. Kadomtsev, Yu.A. Kravtsov, A.M. Obukhov, S.M. Rytov, A.M. Yaglom “Valerian Il’ich Tatarskii (on his sixtieth birthday)32 939–940 (1989)

Book reviews

B.M. Smirnov “Phenomena of growth of fractal systems32 941–942 (1989)

Ya.A. Smorodinskii “The early universe32 943–943 (1989)

M.M. Tsypin “Classical mechanics of one-dimensional nonlinear systems32 944–944 (1989)

Issue 11, 1989, volume 32

Reviews of topical problems

V.G. Knizhnik “Multiloop amplitudes in the theory of quantum strings and complex geometry32 945–971 (1989)

V.N. Baier, V.M. Katkov, V.M. Strakhovenko “Interaction of high-energy electrons and photons with crystals32 972–992 (1989)

N.M. Kuznetsov “Stability of shock waves32 993–1012 (1989)

From the current literature

V.G. Baryshevskii, V.V. Tikhomirov “Synchrotron-type radiation processes in crystals and polarization phenomena accompanying them32 1013–1032 (1989)

Meetings and conferences

Yu.V. Kopaev “Interference of dielectric and superconducting correlations in high-Tc superconductors (HTSCs)32 1033–1038 (1989)

N.N. Gor’kavyi, A.M. Fridman “Collective processes and the structures in planetary rings32 1038–1039 (1989)

Book reviews

A.Yu. Zakharov, V.V. Slezov “Basic notions of condensed matter physics32 1040–1040 (1989)

Issue 12, 1989, volume 32

Reviews of topical problems

N.N. Bogolyubov (Jr.), M.Yu. Kovalevskii, A.M. Kurbatov, S.V. Peletminskii, A.N. Tarasov “On the microscopic theory of superfluid liquids32 1041–1059 (1989)

Yu.A. Izyumov, N.M. Plakida, Yu.N. Skryabin “Magnetism in high-temperature superconducting compounds32 1060–1083 (1989)

I.M. Beterov, P.B. Lerner “Spontaneous and induced emission of a Rydberg atom in a cavity32 1084–1110 (1989)


A.A. Abrikosov, V.A. Ambartsumyan, A.M. Baldin, N.G. Basov, V.S. Vladimirov, A.V. Gaponov-Grekhov, A.M. Kurbatov, A.A. Logunov, M.A. Markov, Yu.A. Osip’yan, A.N. Tavkhelidze, I.M. Khalatnikov, D.V. Shirkov “Nikolai Nikolaevich Bogolyubov (on his eightieth birthday)32 1111–1112 (1989)

E.P. Velikhov, I. Golovin, L.E. Zakharov, B.B. Kadomtsev, V.I. Kogan, A.I. Morozov, V.S. Mukhovatov, O.P. Pogutse, V.D. Pustovitov, R.Z. Sagdeev, B.A. Trubnikov “Vitalii Dmitrievich Shafranov (on his sixtieth birthday)32 1113–1114 (1989)

Book reviews

V.D. Shafranov “Methods of describing magnetoplasma systems32 1115–1115 (1989)

O.V. Ogievetskii “Complex differential geometry and supermanifolds in theories of strings and fields32 1116–1116 (1989)


V.L. Ginzburg, V.A. Dogel’ “Erratum: Some aspects of gamma-ray astronomy [Sov. Phys. Uspekhi 32, 358 (May 1989)]32 1117–1117 (1989)

Ya.A. Smorodinskii “Erratum: Three paths to truth and two ways of describing them [Sov. Phys. Usp. 32, 734-735 (August 1989)]32 1117–1117 (1989)

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