Reviews of topical problems

A.A. Vedenov, E.B. Levchenko “Supermolecular liquid-crystalline structures in solutions of amphiphilic molecules26 747–774 (1983)

B.N. Belintsev “Dissipative structures and the problem of biological pattern formation26 775–800 (1983)

S.M. Osovets, D.A. Ginzburg, V.S. Gurfinkel’, L.R. Zenkov, L.P. Latash, V.B. Malkin, P.V. Mel’nichuk, E.B. Pasternak “Electrical activity of the brain: Mechanisms and interpretation26 801–828 (1983)

From the current literature

G.N. Bochkov, Yu.E. Kuzovlev “New aspects in 1/f noise studies26 829–844 (1983)

Meetings and conferences

V.F. Gantmakher “Low-temperature kinetics of conduction electrons in metals and semiconductors26 845–846 (1983)

E.G. Ponyatovskii “High-pressure phases in condensed systems and metal-gas systems26 846–848 (1983)

S.T. Mileiko “Fibrous composites with metal and ceramic matrices26 848–849 (1983)

V.A. Tatarchenko “Profiled crystals: growth and applications26 849–850 (1983)

A.D. Linde “Phase transitions in the theory of elementary particles and an inflationary universe26 851–852 (1983)

A.A. Tyapkin “Diffractive production of resonances and observation of two radially excited states of the pion26 852–853 (1983)


N.G. Basov, V.V. Gruzinskii, A.M. Prokhorov, B.I. Stepanov, V.A. Tolkachev “Nikolai Aleksandrovich Borisevich (on his sixtieth birthday)26 854–855 (1983)

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