Reviews of topical problems

E.B. Aleksandrov, Yu.M. Golubev, A.V. Lomakin, V.A. Noskin “Intensity-fluctuation spectroscopy of optical fields with non-Gaussian statistics26 643–663 (1983)

V.L. Bonch-Bruevich “Problems of the electron theory of disordered semiconductors26 664–695 (1983)

I.K. Kamilov, Kh.K. Aliev “Second-order phase transitions in ferromagnetic materials in weak fields near the Curie point26 696–712 (1983)

Methodological notes

V.L. Ginzburg “The nature of spontaneous radiation26 713–719 (1983)

Meetings and conferences

A.M. Prokhorov “Physics in the USSR: stages in a long journey26 720–726 (1983)

G.B. Abdullaev “Achievements in physics in Azerbaidzhan26 726–729 (1983)

Kh.I. Amirkhanov “Development of physics in Dagestan26 730–737 (1983)

O.D. Dal’karov, V.M. Kolybasov “Scientific session of the Nuclear Physics Division of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR26 738–740 (1983)

S.V. Vonsovskii “Anniversary session of the Scientific Council on the Problem of the Physics of Magnetic Phenomena of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR26 741–744 (1983)


N.N. Bogolyubov, S.M. Bilen’kii, V.P. Dzhelepov, Ya.B. Zel’dovich, A.A. Logunov, M.A. Markov, Yu.D. Prokoshkin, I.M. Frank, A.E. Chudakov “Bruno Maksimovich Pontecorvo (on his seventieth birthday)26 745–746 (1983)

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