Reviews of topical problems

A.M. Perelomov “Solutions of the instanton type in chiral models24 645–661 (1981)

B.M. Manzon “Acceleration of macroparticles for controlled thermonuclear fusion24 662–678 (1981)

M.D. Frank-Kamenetskii, A.V. Vologodskii “Topological aspects of the physics of polymers: The theory and its biophysical applications24 679–696 (1981)

S.V. Vorontsov, V.N. Zharkov “Free oscillations of the sun and the giant planets24 697–716 (1981)

From the current literature

V.B. Kopeliovich “New results on the violation of p-parity in proton-proton and nucleon-nucleus interactions24 717–720 (1981)

Meetings and conferences

V.L. Pokrovskii “Phase transitions and solitons in two-dimensional crystals24 721–722 (1981)

Yu.S. Vedula, V.K. Medvedev, A.G. Naumovets, A.G. Fedorus “Experimental investigation of two-dimensional crystals24 722–724 (1981)

S.I. Vainshtein “Magnetic-field dynamos in space24 724–725 (1981)

G.M. Zaslavskii “Aspects of the origin of stochasticity in quantum systems24 725–727 (1981)

N.G. Basov, A.F. Plotnikov, V.N. Seleznev “Electronic processes in metal-silicon nitride-silicon dioxide-semiconductor (MNOS) structures24 727–728 (1981)

N.G. Basov, A.B. Kravchenko, A.F. Plotnikov, V.É. Shubin “Self-stabilized avalanche process in a metal-dielectric-semiconductor (MDS) structure. Avalanche MDS photodetectors24 728–729 (1981)


A.P. Aleksandrov, E.P. Velikhov, V.L. Ginzburg, Ya.B. Zel’dovich, B.B. Kadomtsev, E.M. Lifshitz, A.M. Prokhorov, S.M. Rytov, R.Z. Sagdeev, V.D. Shafranov “Mikhail Aleksandrovich Leontovich (Obituary)24 730–731 (1981)

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