Reviews of topical problems

N.B. Delone “Multiphoton ionization of atoms18 169–189 (1975)

B.T. Geilikman “Adiabatic perturbation theory for metals and the problem of lattice stability18 190–202 (1975)

M.A. Kumakhov “Spatial redistribution of a flux of charged particles in a crystal lattice18 203–221 (1975)

R.P. Poplavskii “Thermodynamic models of information processes18 222–241 (1975)

Physics of our days

J.S. Tsakadze, S.J. Tsakadze “Superfluidity in pulsars18 242–250 (1975)

From the current literature

V.Ya. Prokhorenko “Electric conductivity and atomic dynamics in liquid metals18 251–257 (1975)

Meetings and conferences

L.P. Pitaevskii “Superfluidity of Liquid He318 258–258 (1975)

N.V. Zavaritskii “Thermoelectric Phenomena in Superconductors18 258–259 (1975)

D.A. Kirzhnits, A.D. Linde “The Vacuum Phase Transition and Cosmology18 259–260 (1975)

L.M. Ozernoi “Patterns in Systems of Galaxies, and Their Relation to the Problem of ’Latent’ Mass18 260–262 (1975)


I.P. Bazarov, A.A. Vlasov, A.A. Pomerantsev, V.S. Fursov, I.A. Yakovlev “Aleksandr Savvich Predvoditelev (obituary)18 263–265 (1975)

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