Reviews of topical problems

R.V. Parfen’ev, G.I. Kharus, I.M. Tsidil’kovskii, S.S. Shalyt “Magnetophonon resonance in semiconductors17 1–19 (1974)

M.V. Terent’ev “Electromagnetic properties of pions at low energies17 20–43 (1974)

A.F. Aleksandrov, A.A. Rukhadze “High-current electric-discharge light sources17 44–63 (1974)

E.M. Zolotov, V.A. Kiselev, V.A. Sychugov “Optical phenomena in thin-film waveguides17 64–84 (1974)

L.S. Marochnik, A.A. Suchkov “The structure of spiral galaxies17 85–102 (1974)

Methodological notes

V.M. Agranovich “Effects of the internal field in the spectra of molecular crystals and the theory of excitons17 103–117 (1974)

Meetings and conferences

V.A. Alekseev, E.G. Maksimov, Ya.G. Ponomarev, D.I. Khomskii “Metal-dielectric phase transitions (from materials of the First All-Union Conference on Metal-Dielectric Phase Transitions, Moscow, June 1972)17 118–123 (1974)

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