Reviews of topical problems

I.S. Shklovskii “RADIO GALAXIES5 365–400 (1962)

N.V. Karlov, A.M. Prokhorov, L.S. Kornienko, A.A. Manenkov, G.M. Zverev “Application of paramagnetic crystals in quantum electronics5 401–429 (1962)

V.I. Fistul’, N.Z. Shvarts “TUNNEL DIODES5 430–459 (1962)

Methodological notes

N.N. Malov, V.A. Zore, N.S. Kuzikova, L.N. Nikulina “Some new lecture demonstrations5 460–461 (1962)

Reviews of topical problems

E.M. Nadgornyĭ “The properties of whiskers5 462–477 (1962)

I.S. Marshak “Strong-current pulse (spark) discharges in gas, used in pulsed light sources5 478–514 (1962)

S.I. Pekar “Supplementary light waves in crystals and exciton absorption5 515–521 (1962)

E.V. Shpol’skii “Problems of the origin and structure of the quasilinear spectra of organic compounds at low temperatures5 522–531 (1962)

Meetings and conferences

M.I. Kaganov, I.F. Mikhaĭlov, E.I. Rashba “VIII All-Union conference on low temperature physics (Kiev, October 13-20, 1961)5 532–545 (1962)

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