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Хмельницкий Давид Ефраимович

It was a great pleasure to receive your very kind invitation to take part in the special meeting of the Editorial Board of Uspekhi. It is very touching that Vitalii Lazarevich found essential to invite me. Uspekhi is a great institution, which played absolutely crucial role in lives of many thousands physicists. I started reading this journal when I was in the school. Many times in the course of following 47 years, the authors of Uspekhi helped me in many different ways. Not the least, by their so infectious love to physics. Unfortunately, I cannot come to Moscow, but would be glad to be presented by my photograph, which could be found at http://www.phy.cam.ac.uk/people/peoplepictures/khmelnitskiid_1000.jpg You may also find more convenient to use the caricature, which I send to you in attachment to this e-mail.

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