PACS numbers

67.20.+k Quantum effects on the structure and dynamics of nondegenerate fluids (e.g., normal phase liquid 4He) 67.55.Cx Thermodynamic properties 67.55.Hc Transport properties
  1. A.I. Akhiezer, V.V. Krasil’nikov et alTheory of a superfluid Fermi liquid36 (2) 35–64 (1993)
    67.55.Cx, 67.55.Fa, 67.57.Bc, 67.57.De, 74.20.De (all)
  2. L.P. Pitaevskii “Elementary excitations in quantum fluids33 (10) 876–876 (1990)
  3. V.P. Peshkov “Properties of He3 and of its solutions in He411 209–228 (1968)
    67.55.Cx, 67.55.Hc, 67.20.+k (all)
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