PACS numbers

47.20.Dr Surface-tension-driven instability
  1. M.O. Denisova, A.L. Zuev, K.G. Kostarev “Oscillatory modes of concentration convection65 767–788 (2022)
    47.20.Dr, 47.55.nb, (all)
  2. L.Kh. Ingel, M.V. Kalashnik “Nontrivial features in the hydrodynamics of seawater and other stratified solutions55 356–381 (2012)
    44.25.+f, 47.20.Bp, 47.20.Dr, 47.54.Bd, 47.55.−t, 92.10.−c (all)
  3. A.L. Zuev, K.G. Kostarev “Certain peculiarities of the solutocapillary convection51 1027–1045 (2008)
    47.20.Dr, 47.55.nb, (all)
  4. Yu.Yu. Stoilov “Oscillation of evaporating liquids and ispalator paradoxes43 39–53 (2000)
    47.20.Dr, 47.20.Ma, 47.55.Dz (all)
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