PACS numbers

43.20.Bi Mathematical theory of wave propagation 43.20.El Reflection, refraction, diffraction of acoustic waves 43.20.Rz Steady-state radiation from sources, impedance, radiation patterns, boundary element methods
  1. V.V. Kunin, B.E. Nemtsov, B.Ya. Éidman “Precursor and lateral waves during pulse reflection from the separation boundary of two media28 827–841 (1985)
    43.20.Bi, 43.20.El, 43.20.Rz (all)
  2. S.A. Akhmanov, F.V. Bunkin et alSergeĭ Mikhaĭlovich Rytov (in honor of his 60th birthday)11 919–920 (1969)
    01.60.+q, 41.20.Jb, 43.20.Bi (all)
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