PACS numbers

07.57.Pt Submillimeter wave, microwave and radiowave spectrometers; magnetic resonance spectrometers, auxiliary equipment, and techniques
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    07.07.Df, 07.57.Pt, 33.20.−t, 87.85.Ox (all)
  2. L.M. Soroko “Multipulse NMR spectroscopy31 1043–1059 (1988)
    07.57.Pt, 76.60.Lz, 76.70.Fz (all)
  3. M.A. Zubkov, A.E. Andreychenko et alUltrahigh field MRI: new frontiers and possibilities in human imaging”, accepted
  4. V.L. Vaks, V.A. Anfertev et alHigh resolution spectroscopy of terahertz frequency range for analytical applications”, accepted
    07.57.Pt, 33.20.−t
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