A.I. Slutsker

Ioffe Institute
Address: ul. Polytekhnicheskaya 26, St. Petersburg, 194021, Russian Federation
Fax: (812) 247 1017


  1. A.I. Slutsker, A.I. Mihailin, I.A. Slutsker “Microscopics of fluctuations of the energy of atoms in solids37 335–344 (1994)
  2. V.R. Regel’, A.I. Slutsker, É.E. Tomashevskii “The kinetic nature of the strength of solids15 45–65 (1972)

See also: V.R. Regel’, A.I. Mihailin, E.E. Tomashevskii, I.A. Slutsker

PACS: 05.40.+j, 61.43.Bn, 61.50.-f, 63.20.-e, 62.20.Mk, 78.30.Jw

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