Vladimir Nikolaevich Mantsevich

Lomonosov Moscow State University
Address: Vorobevy Gory, Moscow, 119991, Russian Federation
Fax: 7 (095) 939 0126


  1. D.S. Smirnov, V.N. Mantsevich, M.M. Glazov “Theory of optically detected spin noise in nanosystems64 923–946 (2021)
  2. P.I. Arseev, V.N. Mantsevich, N.S. Maslova, V.I. Panov “Tunneling features in semiconductor nanostructures60 1067–1086 (2017)

See also: V.I. Panov, N.S. Maslova, D.S. Smirnov, M.M. Glazov, P.I. Arseev

PACS: 72.70.+m, 78.67.-n, 05.60.Gg, 68.37.Ef, 73.40.Gk, 73.63.-b

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