Yurii D. Fomin

Institute for High Pressure Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: Troitsk, Moscow, Russian Federation


  1. V.N. Ryzhov, E.E. Tareyeva, Yu.D. Fomin, E.N. Tsiok “Complex phase diagrams of systems with isotropic potentials: results of computer simulations63 417–439 (2020)
  2. V.N. Ryzhov, E.E. Tareyeva, Yu.D. Fomin, E.N. Tsiok “Berezinskii—Kosterlitz—Thouless transition and two-dimensional melting60 857–885 (2017)
  3. V.V. Brazhkin, A.G. Lyapin, V.N. Ryzhov et alWhere is the supercritical fluid on the phase diagram?55 1061–1079 (2012)

See also: V.N. Ryzhov, E.N. Tsiok, E.E. Tareyeva, V.V. Brazhkin, A.G. Lyapin, K. Trachenko

PACS: 02.70.Ns, 64.10.+h, 64.70.D-, 05.70.Ln, 64.60.Ej, 62.10.+s, 62.50.-p, 63.50.-x, 64.60.F-, 64.60.fd, 65.20.De, 66.20.Cy

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