I.A. Aslanov


  1. I.A. Aslanov, V.L. Khokhlova, W. Schoneich “Properties of Magnetic Stars from Spectral and Photometric Investigations18 803–804 (1975)
  2. I.A. Aslanov, Z.A. Ismailov, N.B. Ibragimov, S.M. Azimov “Some Results Obtained with the 2 Meter Telescope12 797–798 (1970)

See also: V.L. Ginzburg, V.L. Khokhlova, Z.A. Ismailov, N.B. Ibragimov, S.M. Azimov, W. Schoneich, A.M. Gal’per, B.I. Luchkov

PACS: 98.70.Rz, 98.70.Sa, 98.38.Mz, 97.10.Ld, 97.30.Fi, 97.30.Kn

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