Aleksandr Borisovich Medvedev

All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics — Federal Nuclear Centre
Address: prosp. Mira 37, Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region, 607190, Russian Federation
Fax: 7 (831) 304 2729


  1. A.B. Medvedev, R.F. Trunin “Shock compression of porous metals and silicates55 773–789 (2012)
  2. R.F. Trunin, V.D. Urlin, A.B. Medvedev “Dynamic compression of hydrogen isotopes at megabar pressures53 577–593 (2010)

See also: R.F. Trunin, V.D. Urlin, S.M. Stishov

PACS: 07.35.+k, 62.50.-p, 42.70.Ce, 91.60.Fe, 96.12.-a, 64.30.-t

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