V.V. Safargaleev

Kola Science Center, Polar Geophysical Institue, Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: Khalturina str. 15, Murmansk, 183010, Russian Federation
Phone: 7 (8152) 565 829
Fax: 7 (47) 789 101 04


  1. V.V. Safargaleev, T.I. Sergienko, A.V. Safargaleev, A.L. Kotikov “Magnetic and optical measurements and signatures of reconnection in the cusp and vicinity58 612–620 (2015)
  2. V.V. Safargaleev, E.D. Tereshchenko “Geophysical research in Spitsbergen Archipelago: status and prospects53 511–517 (2010)

See also: E.D. Tereshchenko, T.I. Sergienko, A.L. Kotikov, A.V. Safargaleev

PACS: 94.05.Sd, 94.30.-d, 94.20.-, 94.20.-y

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