S.F. Bondar

Scientific-Research Institute for Precision Instrument-Making
Address: ul. Aviamotornaya 53, Moscow, 111250, Russian Federation


  1. G.M. Beskin, S.V. Karpov, V.L. Plokhotnichenko et alWide-field subsecond temporal resolution optical monitoring systems for detection and study of cosmic hazards56 836–842 (2013)
  2. G.M. Beskin, S.V. Karpov, S.F. Bondar et alDiscovery of the fast optical variability of GRB 080319B and the prospects for wide-field optical monitoring with high time resolution53 406–414 (2010)

See also: G.M. Beskin, V.L. Plokhotnichenko, S.V. Karpov, A. Guarnieri, G. Greco, C. Bartolini, A. Piccioni, A. Sherer, V.V. Sasyuk, E.V. Katkova, E.A. Ivanov, A.V. Perkov

PACS: 89.60.Gg, 95.55.Cs, 96.30.Ys, 95.55.Ka, 95.85.Pw, 98.70.Rz

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