Viktor D. Lakhno

Institute of Mathematical Problems of Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: Pushchino, Moscow Region, Russian Federation


  1. V.D. Lakhno “Pekar's ansatz and the strong coupling problem in polaron theory58 295–308 (2015)
  2. N.I. Kashirina, V.D. Lakhno “Large-radius bipolaron and the polaron-polaron interaction53 431–453 (2010)
  3. V.D. Lakhno “Translation invariance and the problem of the bipolaron41 403–406 (1998)
  4. V.D. Lakhno “Spin wave amplification in magnetically ordered crystals39 669–693 (1996)
  5. V.D. Lakhno, G.N. Chuev “Structure of a strongly coupled large polaron38 273–285 (1995)

See also: V.L. Ginzburg, E.G. Maksimov, Yu.A. Izyumov, Yu.V. Kopaev, N.I. Kashirina, G.N. Chuev, M.I. Kaganov, A.P. Silin, E.A. Andryushin, M.V. Sadovskii, V.I. Belyavskii

PACS: 71.38.-k, 74.20.-z, 74.72.-h, 71.38.+i, 75.30.Ds, 72.30.+q, 71.50.+t

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