V.I. Simonov

Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography, Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: Leninskii prosp. 59, Moscow, 119333, Russian Federaion
Phone: +7 (499) 135 65 41
Fax: +7 (499) 135 10 11


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  3. V.I. Simonov “Precision x-ray diffraction investigations of single crystals of HTSCs: Report on the 4th International Conference ’Materials and Mechanisms of Superconductivity of High-Temperature Superconductors’ (July 1994, Grenoble, France)38 211–213 (1995)
  4. V.I. Simonov “Structural studies of crystals with unique physical properties30 1096–1098 (1987)
  5. V.I. Simonov “Precision structural studies of crystals with special physical properties27 546–547 (1984)
  6. B.K. Vainshtein, V.I. Simonov, D.M. Kheiker “The Project ’Aroks’ (Automatic X-ray Determination of Crystal Structures)13 671–671 (1971)

Signed personalia

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See also: V.L. Ginzburg, A.F. Andreev, L.V. Keldysh, A.N. Skrinskii, G.A. Mesyats, A.M. Prokhorov, L.P. Pitaevskii, E.P. Velikhov, A.S. Borovik-Romanov, Zh.I. Alferov, E.L. Feinberg, B.B. Kadomtsev, Yu.A. Osip’yan, V.E. Fortov, V.A. Matveev

PACS: 61.66.Fn, 01.60.+q, 64.70.Kb, 61.10.Nz, 77.80.Bh, 61.50.Ah, 66.30.Hs, 78.20.Ls, 62.30.+d, 62.20.Dc, 61.90.+d, 61.30.-v, 61.14.-x, 61.10.-i, 74.72.-h

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