Anatolii K. Likhoded

State Research Center ‘Institute of High Energy Physics’
Address: ul. Pobedy 1, Protvino, Moscow Region, 142280, Russian Federation


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  2. S.S. Gershtein, V.V. Kiselev, A.K. Likhoded, A.V. Tkabladze “Physics of Bc-mesons38 1–37 (1995)
  3. A.K. Likhoded “Tenth All-Union School on Inelastic Interactions at High Energies27 647–648 (1984)
  4. A.K. Likhoded, P.V. Shlyapnikov “Multi-particle and inclusive reactions21 1–28 (1978)

Signed personalia

  1. A.F. Andreev, S.P. Denisov, A.M. Zaitsev et alSemen Solomonovich Gershtein (on his 90th birthday)62 1048–1050 (2019)
  2. S.P. Alliluev, A.F. Andreev, S.T. Belyaev et alSemen Solomonovich Gershtein (on his 80th birthday)52 759–761 (2009)

See also: V.L. Ginzburg, A.F. Andreev, L.V. Keldysh, A.N. Skrinskii, G.A. Mesyats, A.M. Prokhorov, E.P. Velikhov, L.P. Pitaevskii, V.A. Matveev, E.L. Feinberg, A.S. Borovik-Romanov, B.B. Kadomtsev, Zh.I. Alferov, V.A. Rubakov, V.E. Fortov

PACS: 01.60.+q,, 12.40.Mm, 13.85.Kf, 24.85.+p, 25.40.-h,, 11.30.Rd, 01.40.E-, 12.38.Aw, 13.25.Gv, 13.20.Gd, 14.40.-n, 14.20.Mr, 14.20.Lq

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