Vitalii G. Bornyakov

Russian Federation State Scientific Center ‘A.I. Alikhanov Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics’
Address: ul. Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya 25, Moscow, 117259, Russian Federation
Phone: 7 (095) 125-32-97
Fax: 7 (095) 123-65-84
Website: ,


  1. V.G. Bornyakov, M.I. Polikarpov, T. Suzuki et alColor confinement and hadron structure in lattice chromodynamics47 17–35 (2004)

See also: M.I. Polikarpov, M.N. Chernodub, G. Schierholz, T. Suzuki

PACS: 12.38.Aw, 12.38.Gc, 25.75.Nq

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