Marlan O. Scully

Institute for Quantum Studies and Department of Physics, Texas A&M University
Address: College Station, Texas, USA


  1. A.M. Zheltikov, M.O. Scully “Photon entanglement for life-science imaging: rethinking the limits of the possible63 698–707 (2020)
  2. A.A. Belyanin, D. Deppe, V.V. Kocharovskii et alNew semiconductor laser designs and the exploratory investigation of the terahertz frequency range46 986–992 (2003)

See also: A.M. Zheltikov, A.V. Belinskii, D. Deppe, V.V. Kocharovskii, V.V. Kocharovskii, D.S. Pestov, A.A. Belyanin, Ya.A. Smorodinskii

PACS: 03.65.-w, 03.65.Ta, 03.65.Ud, 03.65.Yz, 03.67.-a, 32.80.Qk, 42.55.Px, 42.60.-v

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