Marlan O. Sculli

Institute for Quantum Studies and Department of Physics, Texas A&M University
Address: College Station, Texas, USA


  1. A.A. Belyanin, D. Deppe, V.V. Kocharovskii et alNew semiconductor laser designs and the exploratory investigation of the terahertz frequency range46 986–992 (2003)

See also: V.V. Kocharovskii, D. Deppe, V.V. Kocharovskii, D.S. Pestov, A.A. Belyanin, V.D. Kulakovskii, B.A. Volkov, A.I. Tartakovskii, D.N. Krizhanovskii, S.G. Tikhodeev, N.A. Gippius, N.N. Sibeldin, V.V. Klimov

PACS: 42.60.-v, 42.55.Px,

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