Emmanuil I. Estrin

Emmanuil I. Estrin
G.V. Kurdyumov Institite of Metal Science and Physics, State Research Centre of the Russian Federation, I.P. Bardin Central Research Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy
Address: 2-ya Baumanskaya ul. 9/23, Moscow, 105005, Russian Federation


  1. V.A. Lobodyuk, E.I. Estrin “Isothermal martensitic transformations48 713–732 (2005)
  2. A.N. Vasil’ev, V.D. Buchel’nikov, T. Takagi et alShape memory ferromagnets46 559–588 (2003)

See also: A.N. Vasil’ev, V.D. Buchel’nikov, K.P. Belov, V.A. Lobodyuk, R.Z. Levitin, T. Takagi, V.V. Khovailo

PACS: 81.30.Kf, 64.70.Kb, 81.30.-f, 62.20.Fe, 75.30.Kz, 75.80.+q

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