Valerii S. Lisitsa

Institute of Nuclear Fusion, Russian Research Centre Kurchatov Institute
Address: pl. Kurchatova 46, Moscow, 123182, Russian Federation
Fax: 7 (095) 943 0073


  1. V.S. Belyaev, V.P. Krainov, V.S. Lisitsa, A.P. Matafonov “Generation of fast charged particles and superstrong magnetic fields in the interaction of ultrashort high-intensity laser pulses with solid targets51 793–814 (2008)
  2. V.A. Astapenko, L.A. Bureeva, V.S. Lisitsa “Polarization effects in atomic transitions45 149–184 (2002)
  3. V.S. Lisitsa “New results on the Stark and Zeeman effects in the hydrogen atom30 927–951 (1987)
  4. V.S. Lisitsa “Stark broadening of hydrogen lines in plasmas20 603–630 (1977)

See also: V.P. Krainov, G.V. Skrotskii, V.S. Belyaev, A.P. Matafonov, V.A. Astapenko, L.A. Bureeva

PACS: 32.60.+i, 41.75.Jv, 52.38.-r, 79.20.Ds, 32.10.Dk, 32.80.Cy, 34.80.Dp, 32.70.Cs, 31.15.Gy, 52.25.Ps

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