B.A. Knyazev

B.A. Knyazev
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: prosp. akad. Lavrenteva 11, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russian Federation


  1. B.A. Knyazev, V.G. Serbo “Beams of photons with nonzero orbital angular momentum projection: new results61 449–479 (2018)
  2. B.A. Knyazev, I.A. Kotel’nikov, A.A. Tyutin, V.S. Cherkasskii “Braking of a magnetic dipole moving with an arbitrary velocity through a conducting pipe49 937–946 (2006)

See also: V.G. Serbo, I.A. Kotel’nikov, A.A. Tyutin, V.S. Cherkasskii

PACS: 32.80.-t, 41.60.Cr, 42.79.-e, 01.50.-i, 41.20.Gz

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