Yu.N. Skryabin

Mikheev Institute of Metal Physics, Ural Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: S Kovalevskoi str. 18, Ekaterinburg, 620108, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 (343) 374 0230
Fax: 7 (343) 274 5244


  1. Yu.A. Izyumov, Yu.N. Skryabin “Double exchange model and the unique properties of the manganites44 109–134 (2001)
  2. Yu.A. Izyumov, N.M. Plakida, Yu.N. Skryabin “Magnetism in high-temperature superconducting compounds32 1060–1083 (1989)

See also: Yu.A. Izyumov, N.M. Plakida, A.I. Buzdin, L.N. Bulaevskii, L.P. Gor’kov, Yu.V. Kopaev

PACS: 74.72.Bk, 74.25.Jb, 74.25.Dw, 74.72.Dn, 74.25.Ha, 75.30.-m, 75.50.-y, 75.10.-b

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