Yurii Evgen’evich Kuzovlev

A.A. Galkin Donetsk Physical-Technical Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Address: ul. R. Lyuksemburg 72, Donetsk, 340114, Ukraine
Fax: (062) 255 0208


  1. Yu.E. Kuzovlev “Why nature needs 1/f-noise58 719–729 (2015)
  2. G.N. Bochkov, Yu.E. Kuzovlev “Fluctuation-dissipation relations: achievements and misunderstandings56 590–602 (2013)
  3. G.N. Bochkov, Yu.E. Kuzovlev “New aspects in 1/f noise studies26 829–844 (1983)

See also: G.N. Bochkov, O.G. Bakunin

PACS: 05.20.Jj, 05.40.Fb, 05.20.-y, 05.40.-a, 05.70.-a, 72.70.+m, 05.40.+j

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