V.N. Zharkov

Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: Bolshaya Gruzinskaya ul. 10, Moscow, 123995, Russian Federation


  1. V.N. Zharkov “On estimating the molecular viscosity of the Earth’s outer core: comment on the paper by D E Smylie et al.52 93–95 (2009)
  2. S.V. Vorontsov, V.N. Zharkov “Free oscillations of the sun and the giant planets24 697–716 (1981)
  3. S.V. Vorontsov, V.N. Zharkov “The theoretical spectrum of the sun’s oscillations22 669–670 (1979)

See also: S.V. Vorontsov, V.L. Ginzburg, A.V. Gurevich, G.A. Askar’yan, Yu.V. Kopaev, E.L. Feinberg, A.K. Murtazaev, P.S. Kop’ev

PACS: 66.20.-d, 91.35.-x, 96.60.Cp, 96.30.Kf, 96.30.Mh, 01.10.Fv

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