V.G. Lifshits

Institute of Automation and Control Processes, Far East Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: Vladivostok, Russian Federation


  1. V.A. Akulichev, A.F. Andreev, S.V. Gaponov et alIn memory of Viktor Grigor’evich Lifshits49 547–548 (2006)


  1. V.G. Lifshits, Yu.L. Gavrilyuk, A.A. Saranin et alSurface phases on silicon43 525–527 (2000)

See also: Yu.L. Gavrilyuk, A.V. Zotov, D.A. Tsukanov, A.A. Saranin

PACS: 61.72.-y, 64.70.-p, 68.35.-p, 68.90.+g

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