Vladimir P. Skripov

Institute of Thermal Physics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: Pervomaiskaya str. 91, Ekaterinburg, 620219, Russian Federation


  1. V.P. Skripov “Extension of the λ curve of 4He into the region of the metastable state of liquid helium43 515–519 (2000)
  2. V.P. Skripov, A.V. Skripov “Spinodal decomposition (phase transitions via unstable states)22 389–410 (1979)
  3. V.P. Skripov, E.N. Sinitsyn “Experiments with a superheated liquid7 887–888 (1965)

See also: A.V. Skripov, E.N. Sinitsyn

PACS: 67.40.-w, 67.40.Kh, 67.90.+z, 64.60.-i, 64.70.Fx, 64.80.Eb, 01.50.Pa, 47.80.-v

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