O.A. Pankratov

Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
Address: Schlossplatz 4, Erlangen, 91054, Germany
Phone: +49 (9131) 85 0
Fax: +49 (9131) 852 21 31


  1. O.A. Pankratov “Understanding surface states of topological insulators61 1116–1126 (2018)
  2. O.A. Pankratov “Two-dimensional systems: physics and new devices30 754–755 (1987)
  3. B.A. Volkov, O.A. Pankratov “Electronic structure of quasicubic crystals: energy bands, dielectric properties, and defects in narrow-gap semiconductors.29 575–577 (1986)
  4. B.A. Volkov, O.A. Pankratov “Inverted contact in semiconductors—a new inhomogeneous structure with a twodimensional gas of zero-mass electrons29 579–581 (1986)
  5. E.G. Maksimov, O.A. Pankratov “Hydrogen in metals18 481–495 (1975)

See also: B.A. Volkov, E.G. Maksimov, Ya.A. Smorodinskii, B.M. Smirnov, A.P. Silin, V.B. Timofeev, T.O. Vreden-Kobetskaya

PACS: 73.20.-r, 73.40.Lq, 73.43.Cd, 01.30.Vv, 81.15.-z, 71.55.-i, 73.43.-f, 71.23.Ft, 77.22.-d, 71.55.Ht, 71.20.Nr, 73.21.Fg, 71.30.M, 74.50.L, 66.30.K

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