Stephen Ducharme

Department of Physics and Astronomy, Behlen Laboratory of Physics, Center for Materials Research and Analysis, University of Nebraska-Linkoln
Address: Linkoln, NE, USA


  1. V.M. Fridkin, S. Ducharme “Ferroelectricity at the nanoscale57 597–603 (2014)
  2. V.M. Fridkin, R.V. Gaynutdinov, S. Ducharme “Ferroelectric nanocrystals and their switching53 199–207 (2010)
  3. L.M. Blinov, V.M. Fridkin, S.P. Palto et alTwo-dimensional ferroelectrics43 243–257 (2000)

See also: V.M. Fridkin, R.V. Gaynutdinov, A.V. Bune, P.A. Dowben, L.M. Blinov, S.P. Palto

PACS: 77.55.-g, 77.84.Cg, 77.80.-e, 77.80.Dj, 75.70.-i

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