Vladimir Sergeevich Khoroshkov

Russian Federation State Scientific Center ‘A.I. Alikhanov Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics’
Address: ul. Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya 25, Moscow, 117259, Russian Federation
Phone: 7 (095) 125-32-97
Fax: 7 (095) 123-65-84
Website: ,


  1. G.I. Klenov, V.S. Khoroshkov “Hadron therapy: history, status, prospects59 807–825 (2016)
  2. S.V. Bulanov, Ja.J. Wilkens, T.Zh. Esirkepov et alLaser ion acceleration for hadron therapy57 1149–1179 (2014)
  3. L.L. Gol’din, V.P. Dzhelepov, M.F. Lomanov et alApplication of high-energy heavy charged particles in medicine16 402–413 (1973)

See also: V.P. Dzhelepov, L.L. Gol’din, O.V. Savchenko, M.F. Lomanov, G.I. Klenov, G. Kraft, S.D. Kraft, M. Molls, G. Korn, T.Zh. Esirkepov, Ja.J. Wilkens, S.V. Bulanov

PACS: 87.55.-x, 87.56.-v, 87.19.xj, 41.75.Jv, 52.38.Kd, 87.50.-a, 87.53.Jw, 87.53.Qc, 87.53.Tf, 87.66.Jj, 87.19.La, 87.19.Xx

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