Ya.E. Geguzin


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  3. Ya.E. Geguzin, N.N. Ovcharenko “Surface energy and surface processes in solids5 129–157 (1962)

See also: N.N. Ovcharenko, Yu.S. Kaganovskii, G.A. Smolenskii, R.P. Ozerov, V.A. Koptsik

PACS: 66.30.Jt, 64.75.+g, 61.72.Ji, 68.45.-v, 82.65.My, 82.65.Nz, 68.35.Md, 68.35.Ct, 68.35.Fx, 66.30.Hs, 68.15.+e, 68.08.-p

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