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Collective states of excitons in semiconductors

Ioffe Institute, ul. Polytekhnicheskaya 26, St. Petersburg, 194021, Russian Federation

A review of many-body effects in exciton ensembles in semiconductors is given with the emphasis on two-dimensional systems: structures with single and double quantum wells and with quantum microcavities. The Bose-Einstein condensation effect, an accumulation of a macroscopic number of excitons in the ground state of the system, is discussed. Known restriction on the condensation in low-dimensional systems can be lifted due to a disorder resulting from the chaotic potential.The manifestations of the finite exciton lifetime and, correspondingly, of the non-equilibrium nature of the excitonic system caused by the in- and out-scattering of excitons to the condensate state are analyzed. Other collective phases of excitons, namely, two-dimensional crystal of dipolar excitons and the electron-hole liquid, formed as a result of interparticle interactions, are discussed.

Keywords: exciton, Bose-Einstein condensate, superfluidity, disorder, dipolar exciton, exciton-polaron
PACS: 71.35.−y, 71.35.Lk, 71.36.+c, 03.75.Hh, 03.75.Kk, 72.15.Rn (all)
DOI: 10.3367/UFNe.2019.10.038663
Citation: Glazov M M, Suris R A "Collective states of excitons in semiconductors" Phys. Usp., accepted

Received: 14th, August 2019, 1st, October 2019

Оригинал: Глазов М М, Сурис Р А «Коллективные состояния экситонов в полупроводниках» УФН, принята к публикации; DOI: 10.3367/UFNr.2019.10.038663

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