Reviews of topical problems

Yu.A. Shchekinov, E.O. Vasiliev, B.M. Shustov “Initial episodes of the chemical evolution of the intergalactic medium66 (11) (2023)

Physics of our days

A.K. Fedorov, E.O. Kiktenko, K.Yu. Khabarova, N.N. Kolachevsky “Quantum entanglement, teleportation, and randomness: Nobel Prize in Physics 202266 (11) (2023)

Instruments and methods of investigation

G.V. Murastov, A.A. Lipovka, M.I. Fatkullin, R.D. Rodriguez, E.S. Sheremet “Laser reduction of graphene oxide: local control of material properties66 (11) (2023)

Methodological notes

Yu.A. Ageeva, P.K. Petrov “Unitarity relation and unitarity bounds for scalars with different sound speeds66 (11) (2023)

A.M. Gaifullin, V.V. Zhvick “Laminar submerged jets of incompressible fluid at large Reynolds numbers66 (11) (2023)

V.V. Brazhkin “'Quantum' values of the extrema of 'classical' macroscopic quantities66 (11) (2023)

G.V. Paradezhenko, A.A. Pervishko, D.I. Yudin “Machine learning for the search for topological spin structures66 (11) (2023)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet: November 202366 (11) (2023)

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