Reviews of topical problems

B.P. Filippov “Mass ejections from the solar atmosphere62 (9) (2019)

L.V. Kulik, A.V. Gorbunov, S.M. Dickmann, V.B. Timofeev “Spin excitations in two-dimensional electron gas, their relaxation, photoexcitation and detection methods, and the role of Coulomb correlations62 (9) (2019)

I.S. Aranson “Topological defects in active liquid crystals62 (9) (2019)

Physics of our days

M.I. Vysotsky, E.V. Zhemchugov “Equivalent photons in proton and ion—ion collisions at the LHC62 (9) (2019)

B. Heinemann, Y. Nir “The Higgs program and open questions in particle physics and cosmology62 (9) (2019)

Instruments and methods of investigation

A. Khorshidi “Molybdenum-99 production via lead and bismuth moderators and milli-structure-98Mo samples by indirect production technique using Monte Carlo method62 (9) (2019)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)62 (9) (2019)


G.P. Vyatkin, L.B. Glebov, A.E. Kaplan, D.A. Kompaneets, N.D. Kundikova, G.A. Mesyats, L.P. Pitaevskii, B.E.A. Saley, M.J. Soileau, R.A. Sunyaev, N.V. Tabiryan, V.V. Shkunov “In memory of Boris Yakovlevich Zeldovich62 (9) (2019)

A.F. Andreev, E.P. Velikhov, M.V. Kovalchuk, V.Ya. Panchenko, L.P. Pitaevskii, O.V. Rudenko, A.Yu. Rumyantsev, M.V. Sadovskii, A.M. Sergeev, V.B. Timofeev, I.A. Shcherbakov, G.M. Eliashberg “In memory of Yurii Moiseevich Kagan62 (9) (2019)

V.A. Stefan “In memory of Murray Gell-Mann62 (9) (2019)

Letters to the editors

V.G. Plekhanov “Necessary additions to the paper by Yu.M. Tsipenyuk [Phys. Usp. 55 796 (2012)] and to the review by B.A. Knyazev, V.G. Serbo [Phys. Usp. 61 449 (2018)]62 (9) (2019)

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